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Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray 


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Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray 

Written By: Team Recycling Et Cetera 


Hacksaw (1) 

hand-held electric drill (1) 

small drill bit (1) 


Thin wire (1) 
tennis balls (1) 
tennis racquet (1) 


This easy-to-make kitchen utensil takes only a short amount of time to build. Only a small 
number of tools are required and parts can be found virtually anywhere. 

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Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray 

Step 1 — Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray 

• Take three tennis balls and drill 
holes 1" apart in a straight line. 
These will be used to attach the 
balls to the racquet. 

Step 2 

• String a piece of wire 2" long 
through the racquet and into the 
holes. Apply super glue to create 
an extra-strong bond. 

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Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray 

Step 3 

• You started with three tennis balls and an old racquet. 

• Now you have a cool kitchen utensil! 

• You could also cut tennis balls in half and use them to hold candles on top of the 

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